Operation: Safe Driver Week

We never want to hear from our drivers that they have been pulled into a DOT checkpoint and we ourselves groan when we see that speed trap on the way to work. As much as they seem like an inconvenience, we must remember that inspections and checkpoints are a way for us to keep from being complacent on the road because at any given time, anything can happen. We need to be as proactive as we can in order to preserve our own safety and that of others, our vehicles and in the case of our commercial vehicles – the goods we may be carrying. 

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Steve Young
China has a monopoly on fireworks, what that means for the 4th.

The 4th of July is certainly among the most beloved American holidays. We all have our own traditions cultivated from the time we are children that for us define the 4th. Barbecues, time with family and friends, baseball, maybe just a day off in the middle of summer and of course, fireworks! Beautiful firework displays light up the night sky from sea to shining sea as we all come together to celebrate what it means to be free. As you are pondering where to watch the best fireworks display on July 4th, those who put on the displays have other concerns.

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Kristen Gajewski
Why Logistics?

People are always asking me, “Why Logistics? How did you decide that this was the career path you wanted?” And honestly, I didn’t go looking for logistics. Logistics found me. And by complete accident.

I was 21, majoring in Psychology at a local college and in need of a job to pay my bills while doing so. I applied at a local staffing agency to see what types of positions were out there and shortly after, I interviewed to work for an NVOCC where I would continue to work as a trucking coordinator for the next five years.

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Michelle Taylor
Impending Tariffs & Their Effect on the Trucking Industry

President Donald Trump has issued statements recently that have caught the attention of many United States & Mexican citizens, especially those that work within the logistics industry. He has proposed placing a tariff of 5% on all Mexican imports to the US on June 10th, and increasing that number by 5% per month, up to a shocking 25% in October, if the flow of immigration from Mexico to US is not substantially mitigated. Whether or not this situation will be resolved before tariffs are put in place is still an object of speculation, but if they are, there will be many implications.

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Matthew Taylor
Technology in Trucking

The world is continually evolving, and logistics is an industry on the forefront of growth. Technology is a tool that expands upon human capabilities while offering revelations in safety, routing, dispatching and so much more!

Safety has remained a priority for universal innovation. As we know, electronic logging devices (ELDs) were mandated on December 18th, 2017 altering the ways that drivers are obligated to record their compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) requirements.

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Mike Taylor
Produce season affects all shippers

Spring is now upon us, and that means that produce season is here! Even though you may not be shipping produce, that does not mean your FTL and LTL loads will not be affected.

As the temperature rises over the months, you will see capacity tighten and rates increase starting with the southern regions first, and working their way upwards to the North as spring turns into summer. This is due to the urgency of getting produce moved quickly as their expiration is nigh! 

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Anna Adams