Why Logistics?

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By: Michelle Taylor

People are always asking me, “Why Logistics? How did you decide that this was the career path you wanted?” And honestly, I didn’t go looking for logistics. Logistics found me. And by complete accident.

I was 21, majoring in Psychology at a local college and in need of a job to pay my bills while doing so. I applied at a local staffing agency to see what types of positions were out there and shortly after, I interviewed to work for an NVOCC where I would continue to work as a trucking coordinator for the next five years. I quickly learned that although trucking wasn’t necessarily what I had pictured myself doing forever, I was good at it. And I became comfortable. My time there was filled with opportunities. The opportunity to learn so many new things, the opportunity to travel and to meet numerous people within the industry who I made lots of relationships with that I still hold dear today. And for this, I could never be anything but appreciative. 

I can be a complicated person (I know, I know, what woman isn’t?). There are two things in life that keep me going – I call them my ‘chaos’ and my ‘constant’. I need to stay busy and on my toes. I need to shake things up to keep them from getting boring and to keep me from getting too comfortable. This is my chaos. But on the flip side, I also need routine, stability, comfort. This is my constant.

This business is constantly evolving and one day is never the same as the next. I thrive on new challenges and genuinely enjoy the unknown of what is going to happen each day as it only presents more opportunity to expand on knowledge and skills. “The unknown” is my chaos and it’s what keeps my career from getting stale. 

My relationships – the customers, carriers and of course, coworkers that have helped me to build my reputation within this industry and the people who are really responsible for my success – are my constant. They are also what keep me going into the office every day. They rely on me, they trust me and they have supported me throughout my career and all of its changes within the logistics industry. Without either of these components, TayLog would never have happened.

So although logistics found me, these are the reasons I am still here and why I continue to do what I do. Sometimes accidents aren’t all that bad.

Michelle Taylor